Exceptional Design immerses the customer in a memorable and captivating storyline

We aim to create customer-centric transitions. Ouryxy our team of design specialists, we put the customer at the heart of any digital journey for an intuitive, effortless experience.

Digital Customer Research

Digitalisation of customer experiences opens up brand-new options in creating measurable engagement with customers. Modern customer journeys can be coupled with customer-centric research methods, allowing us to see the solutions through the customer's eyes. This allows us to gain valuable insight, not easily possible with classical marketing campaigns where research companies relied on people answering questions based on tastes rather than experience

Customer Experience Analysis

fordings INNOVATE’s CMA tool provides a clear analysis into a companies specific performance in regard to its competition on the market and of course against the current digital standard. The aim is to customise the assessment in order to understand the true needs of our clients respective user profiles. On the basis of this, it is possible to identify gaps in the chain and assess what needs to be done to fulfil the digital requirements, hence creating that perfect customer experience

Design Coaching

As with in the case of qualitative software development, it is crucial to follow design patterns for good transparency and code understanding. At fordings INNOVATE our creative process is centred around "design thinking" - an innovative way of solving problems and guiding ideas through customer empathy. We apply design thinking when taking clients through our comprehensive design coaching, The customer experience becomes a journey in itself, and allows the respective team to experience the power of the possibilities on the market first hand.

Customer Experience Design

The better the customer experience, the more memorable your brand and therefore the more long term value of the respective enterprise. We have discovered that companies who focus more on the CX management rather than on human-centricity tend to lose sight of the customer's motivations and tend to get too focussed on strict structures rather than and often lose sight of objectives and changing behaviour on the market, hence slowing down the organisations effectiveness when reaching out to potential customers. In contrast to these organisations, that focus on human-centered design will enjoy CX that builds customer loyalty and informs their business strategy. Fordings uses experiential design thinking to capture, define and implement differentiated customer experiences that are not only a solution for today, but for tomorrow as well.


Prototyping is nothing new, however testing CX experiences using physical mock-ups or digital prototypes allows us to help our clients measure possible success and risks during multiple steps along the development process, saving costs, avoiding mistakes and ensuring top experience quality and top customer engagement.

Complete Solution Development

The fordings Bi strategy is built around finding the right solution for our client, whether a pure off the shelf solution, an adapted software and depending upon risk, security issues or requirement uniqueness the development of multi device complete solutions in a variation of technologies from IOS; android and google SDKs to complete solutions in UNITY, JavaScript, Java, C# and C++. We also help develop complete VR and AR solutions.

Software Reality Concepts

Using special defined processes, we work together with our customers in our Software Reality Concept workshops we take our customers along the decision-making chain leaving no stones unturned.

Cross Platform Analysis

The companies that take the right actions today with cooperative digital experiences are setting themselves up for future success. As 5G and augmented reality (AR) become widespread, their significant impact on experience delivery will make balancing customization and user agency even more critical. Together, 5G and AR will enable businesses to tailor people’s digital journeys throughout their lives, anywhere and anytime. With this omnipresence comes even greater responsibility to get it right; for the companies that do, there will be huge opportunities.

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