Creating powerful solutions where powerful solutions are required.

Human Resources

Our HR Experts have more than 20 years in the business. We understand the greatest challenges in finding and keeping the best talents and specialise therefore in the digitalization of your employer branding and onboarding process. We understand the language and mechanics of the market and can help you reach candidates who are not necessarily visible on the leading exchange and HR platforms. We also offer specialized VR solutions in the qualification process not only for new employees but also for talent management with your current employees. Within Employer branding and onboarding we offer high content spatial services allowing people to see into your four walls without having set foot in your business. Coupled with VR and AR technologies, we bring your recruiting to life and set you aside from your competition.

Sales & Retail

84% of visitors in your physical locations were online beforehand. We help Retail offer services to reach customers online and offer product advice in the early stadium of their search. We offer analytics and the possibility to track the efficiency of sales employees at the workplace. Especially in COVID-19 times, we offer solutions which do not require you to close the showroom or store, but using WYSIWYG technologies to demonstrate complicated products and systems online to potential customers and trigger off and finalise sales. We also offer companies to offer their products as AR for end clients to be able to envisage their products in private spaces. Our team will also be able to advise on matters like Smart Shops

Events & Exhibitions

COVID-19 has helped to magnify the necessary changes in the event and exhibition industry. The last 20 years have witnessed a seismic change from a globalization and standardization of events, the need to stay current which has caused the death of large and at one stage influential fairs like Systems in Munich to CEBIT in Hannover. The Digital age has started, however current solutions also offer great danger to this industry, which is why we are working on true hybrid solutions which fully allow the physical world and digital world to synchronise in ways which we have never seen before saving jobs, saving small local businesses and create new ways of collaborating in the future.
We offer special marketing for large events from VR domes, Fog Screens, VR and Mixed AR events and 3D projection technologies.

Business & Manufacturing

We offer solutions across all Enterprise Customer interfaces whether it is specialised analytic based sales systems allowing products to be demonstrated online. Camera based solutions for mechanical and electrical based support, spatial, AR and VR solutions in HR; as well as amazing VR and AR and state-of-the-art camera solutions for marketing. Gamification and VR based training solutions have long proven as more efficient in knowledge transfer whether it is product training for external customers or employee training modules.,
We also offer applications and complete software solutions to support the above solutions on all devices.
Even in other business areas like development, QA and production, we offer collaboration platforms and spatial technologies saving costs on travel and time and speeding up complete projects and integration of production sites to meet industry quality standards


In recent years, increasing companies and health organizations are beginning to see the value of AR/MR technologies and their effects in training and educational environments. Instructors and students are able to break learning barriers, increase proficiency rates, and enjoy an improved learning experience. We work closely together with our clients, analyse the training required and consult on which solution is the most fitting.
We also offer special marketing solutions for boarding schools, nurseries, grammar schools and universities, offering parents and possible students high interactive, high content virtual tours of the facility. This is using a technology which has been around for a while, coupled with a new brand showcasing model and allows the viewer to make an emotional and qualitative decisions without having to be on site. This is also a perfect solution in these COVID-19 times.


Especially fitness studios, martial arts classes, dance studios and other classes have been heavily disrupted by the COVID-19 classes.
We are currently working on affordable AR solutions, which are not just being designed for COVID-19 times, but also offer more tailor made solutions and new revenue streams to this industry.


Using high interactive spatial solutions, we can bring rooms to life, whether it is an art gallery, a small atelier, a whole museum, and make the works global.
In addition to this, we offer specialized AR solutions to bring works of art alive and help educate visitors about concepts, history and products.

Healthcare & Emergency Services

We offer a handful of solutions in the areas of telemedicine and remote collaboration. Now, emergency response professionals can have access to healthcare specialists anywhere in the world in real-time. On call Emergency Service professionals can stream what they are seeing, receive live feedback, and diagnose and treat somebody while remaining hands-free. Special thermodynamic solutions can be used to detect elevated body temperatures or detect illegal clandestine from entering countries on board of lorries.


Although one could sell this as marketing or educational solutions, the possibilities for publishing companies to bring their papers, brochures and books to life.
Especially in the world of news and education, AR solutions could make "dry words" come to life again with younger generations.


Our agency offer XR solutions for all industry segments. Our main aim is to create customer centric solutions as these have proven to be far more effective in creating dialogue and customer recognition.
Our understanding of XR technologies includes
Augmented and Mixed Reality Solutions
VR Solutions and state of the art cinematic solutions such as interactive films.
We bring products to life on the shelves of supermarkets
Brochures that can talk and allow customers to view 3D models of products and place them in their rooms
Bring Entertainment live into your living room
Beam the customer into your location
The sky is the limit.

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