Talent is the fuel for tomorrow’s change

We work with our clients to reshape their company culture and upskill their teams in the latest digital developments.

Organisational Transformation

Healthy, productive and motivated employees are the backbone of every organisation. Transforming a company culture can seem like A daunting task, however this does not have to be the case. We help guide Organisations through agile transformations, with the focus on collaboration based teams. Once we have managed to commonly create a common mindset in order to form a company culture situated to handle big internal changes with ease.

Digital Talent & Leadership

Digital technologies, and the ways they influence our personal and work lives, are radically changing the world. No matter what industry you work in, you have, over the past decade, experienced some form of disruption, driven by technology and its influence on human behavior. This course enables you to strengthen you and your team’s capacity to be highly effective, even in this environment of constant change and uncertainty. You will learn to lead teams more effectively and be a better collaborator and colleague, regardless of your role. And you’ll create value for yourself, your team and your company. Master and apply the building blocks of leading teams and get tangible takeaways on all levels; from mindset, mental models and new ways of working, to cases and tools you can apply directly at work.

Talent Acquisition

From executive search to recruitment process outsourcing, we couple HR analytics with our practical experience and industry-specific expertise to recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients. Whether your company is applying new technologies, facing an M&A or in cases of consolidation - we help organizations address key business needs and identify the top talent needed to execute their strategy.

Employer Branding

As companies continue to battle for top talent, being distinguishable from the competition has never been more crucial to attracting the best candidates. We couple the employer branding to the talent acquisition strategy as this is critical in achieving the best results. We help define the channels of acquisition and explore which digital solutions could help attract the candidates to engage with your company.

Digital Operating Models

Our digital operating models are designed by teams with a wealth of industry experience behind them. Whether our clients are at the beginning of their digital journey, or brushing up existing practices, we have the knowledge to embed essential capabilities in everything from organisational structure to workforce planning. Most importantly, our operating models are unique to every client that we work with.

Hybrid Sales

fordings INNOVATE is already exploring technologies to aid and disrupt the way sales is carried out tomorrow. Our focus, in particular is real-time spatial technology coupled with WYSIWYG technologies

Digital Learning

Organizations are beginning to see the value of AR/MR technologies and their effects in training and educational environments. Together with our hardware partners, we help develop customised AR / MR Experiences helping Trainers and Trainees in all industry segments to help break learning barriers, increase proficiency rates, and enjoy an improved learning experience.

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